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Re: [yogi] New Version - 1.0.1
The last field in the gforum_post table is post_is_poll

gforum_post.def was the answer... There was no post_is_poll information in there. I overwrote the file with a back-up version. I can now see the polls in flat/print/threaded views. There is one quirk that I believe is in the template - but in flat, I ONLY see the poll and not the post... Still working on it.

- Quick update, to fix the see only the poll and not the post problem, I just restored the view_post_flat template and re-inserted the tag. That worked.

It appears that all of the problems have gone away now. Thank you very much for helping me troubleshoot this. I would never have known to go to the def file. Thanks!

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shiner: Jun 3, 2002, 5:35 AM

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