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Re: [webmaster33] Install a global from a plugin?
Ok, here is the top part of EditorMonitor.pm (without comments) down to just before my plug-in hooks commence.

use strict;
use GT::Base;
use Links::SiteHTML;
use GT::Plugins qw/STOP CONTINUE/;
use Links qw/$CFG $IN $DB $USER/;

@Plugins::EditorMonitor::ISA = qw(GT::Base);

my $Plug_Version = "0.4.1";

I have been reading the Links SQL Developers Guide, and I will it admit it makes more sense each time I look at it... but I find there seems to be many things not mentioned in there, which are critical to it making sense to me. I am getting there though. This is all starting to fall into place! (thanks to the help on this forum). I did not know a line of perl or plugins or globals two months ago.Smile I am going to read through the docs again.

When I tried <%Plugins::EditorMonitor::EditorLinks($ID)%> in the category template. The errors are produced (as in the post above).

EDIT: Webmaster, I think I have this WORKING!!!!!!! I don't know why but this was causing it/and seemed to fix it:

While testing, I have been leaving the old tag to my orginal inbuilt global along side my plug-in tag ie.

<%EditorLinks%> <%Plugins::EditorMonitor::EditorLinks($ID)%>

Either on their own work, and don't cause error, but put the two together and 25 post on the forum from Sooke later it gets solved!!!!

Thanks for all your help Webmaster, and Yogi, and everyone else who helpedCool

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