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User uploadable icons (avatars)
We've added a new uploadable user icon feature into the forum, which is currently enabled on our forum here. The feature is still in testing, however we expect to release it along with a few small bug fixes as a 1.1.6 release next week. Note that user icons are only visible beside a persons' post when using the default template set - default_top does not have them.

For those testing the feature, the image should be no larger than 100x120 pixels, or else it will be scaled down by the browser (which generally looks pretty bad). The image must be one of: GIF, JPEG, BMP, or PNG. Also, you are prohibited from uploading an image larger than 64KB.

All of these options, as well as the master option of whether or not to allow users to upload their own icons, are new admin settings.

Custom avatars are uploaded through the Basic section of your profile.

Jason Rhinelander
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