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Re: [Teambldr] New Version - 1.0.1
Ok GF1.1.5 user so -> uninstalled Poll 1.0, and reinstalled 1.0.1

1) I can click NEW POLL and get the poll options

2) One can fill in the options and click POST

3) When you go to view the message, it looks like a normal post with no poll info or options.

Is this cgi-caching? I do not have a dedicated server, so how would/could I disable it?

I have also verified that all the appropriate tags were modified that it calls for as well.






all have been modified correctly.

I see the options when I click VIEW THREADED... I do not see the poll in either post_view_flat.html or post_view_printable.html

Just in case I moved the tags around in the template - but to no avail. SO I moved them back.

As another part of the debugging process, I created a new poll and put votes in there to see if that would make a difference - no... Still only see in threaded view

One interesting note: For polls that were created prior to the upgrade, I see those just fine in all views... To me - that suggests that the templates are ok and for some reason, the new polls are not getting submitted properly.

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shiner: May 31, 2002, 5:30 PM

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