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Re: [Wil] Pugdog Plugins
Hi Wil,

I don't think Paul is wanting to be rude here. I believe he is just trying to make a point by saying that

1) Till Pugdog updates the plugin's it would be wise to remove them from plugin download section.

I personally have never had an opportunity to talk with Pugdog but I honestly believe that he is a darn good programmer and human being (afterall free plugin is also a community service and it should not only appreciated, but also respected :) ).

I think, the main purpose for above suggestion by Paul, was to save tons of hours or work by non-programmers like me. Who don't really know why the plugin is not working - and because it is in the download section offered by Gossamer Threads, it is believed to be working. Hence a fellow like me, will not doubt Gossamer Threads company, but will doubt in the way - I installed and then the cycle of uninstall-update-reinstall-check-error-uninstall-update-reinstall-check-error starts :)

At this moment while I am posting this message - I have already used up about 5 hours trying to play different tricks and make the 2 plugin work - but guess what :( - yup, still not working.

But well, I am sure Pugdog also knows this thing and he must be having plans to take care of this problems, - if not today, than tomorrow, and if not tomorrow than in near future.


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