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Re: [wickedmoon] keyword bug v1.1.1
Interesting. Just testing this out on this forum. I don't know if the fact that the keyword Gossamer Threads has a space inbetween them will make a difference.

Here's the URL I was trying to link to:

http://clients.fbagroup.co.uk/gt/Gossamer Threads/valid-html40.png

Update: Aha yes, it does cause a problem. The software was trying to link up the Gossamer Threads in the URL with a link which obviously is causing an error.

More fun and trivial things to fix :-)

Update 2: .. and another "problem" with this is that the text gossamer_threads gets replaced by Gossamer Threads so that the URL I posted is broken because the software capitizes the first letter of the words Gossamer and Threads instead of preserving the initial foramt.

Update 3: This also causes a problem with


- wil

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Wil: May 20, 2002, 2:52 AM

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