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Re: [Alex] Multi language Gossamer Forum
Excellent. And the software carries your template variable around with you, so I wouldn't have to append this onto every link?

And GT are hapy with users doing this - this doesn't go against the liscence in any way. I just want to double check here as I am looking to put this onto a bilingual site. The content and the database will be exactly the same - there will just be a need to access the information using two different language interface. And if this is OK - then I might consider adding a 'Simple' and 'Complex' interface for both languages too. I predict a number of my target audience here will appreciate only the very basic features of the forum (enough just to post and reply) and that's it and other more experienced users will want to tap into the power of the forum using a fully-features template.


- wil

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Wil: May 18, 2002, 10:14 AM

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