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David Beckham...
....has just signed a new contract with Manchester United.

Its for 3 years and his "salary" is 100,000 per week ($140,000)

Thats like um....3-4 years wages for most people and he earns it in one week...

He lives 2 minutes from my house and one of my mates girfriends lives next door to him...hehe....may have to go around and beg...

When I say next door I mean you have to avoid the police cameras and about 20 acres of land before you get to David's house....the friend lives in a fairly average house and then there is like a 500yrd driveway and large gates before Posh and Becks house. The police are called automatically if you try to go through the gates...hehe...one of the houses near buy has a helicopter pad.

Im gonna live like that one day!!

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Paul: May 11, 2002, 2:24 PM

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