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Re: [Alex] So how long...
Ideally that would be best, but since my site is hosted I don't get those privileges. I'll attempt it tonight and hope for the best, my cable connection should hold steady without me around to mess with it.

I would rather go the SQL FullText route, but again since I'm hosted I don't have admin control. Can you tell me which fields that are eligible for FullText queries in tables User Guest Category Forum Post Message SentMessage Grouping, is it every column in each table?

Apparently they need to run some wizard to configure it, if it's each column I can't bribe them to do it. Unsure

Your knowledge appreciated as always.

(I'm going to have break down and buy that SQL for idiots book).

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HeavyBombers: May 2, 2002, 3:38 PM

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