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Re: [Andy.] Can you use an UPDATE in a global?

I suppose you can do UPDATE in globals, too, as any other sql queries.
I'll check the GT::SQL docs and I will be back in a few minutes.
Back now.

The GT::SQL::Table module docs says:
$obj->update ( { Setme => 'NewValue'}, { WhereCol => 5 });
would set the column 'Setme' to 'NewValue' where the column 'WhereCol' is 5.

This translates to:
UPDATE Table SET SetMe='NewValue' WHERE WhereCol = 5

As queries are possible in globals, I suppose update is also possible.
As for the CPU usage/performance: its up to you to do updates 100K times a day, but you know how busy is your site, how much data you update in a step of a global call, and if your server would be able to serve so much updates.
My personal opinion is 100K updates a day is not too much for a MySQL server, but depends how strong is your server and how much update you do in a step.

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