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Re: [webmaster33] File include in Global Vars?
Aren't parsed again themselves? Why again? It seems globals are not parsed at all!

Is there any reason why you did not wanted to parse it?
I think parsing the globals is a necessary thing (or at least to make it available optionally).
And I don't think, that there are any disadvantage of parsing the globals. Are there?

Globals are perl code or simple strings.....the parser is a template parser.

If you parsed it again it would be doing twice the amount of parsing and would slow things down considerably.

I don't unserstand why you'd want to do it. Any output created by a tag can be done with perl code anyway without loading the parser.

Finally, if we don't do parsing globals, we are not able to include any menu file in the left table column.

Of course you can. You know how to use open() and close() right? Wink

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Paul: Apr 29, 2002, 5:50 AM

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