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Re: [A.J.] paypal integration -- dropped
I have had both good and bad dealing with Paypal.

I find they are NOT geared for Canadian business (they will only accept USD), and this is a big turn off to the Canadian clients I have had so far... despite posting warning on the site that the prices are in USD, they still automatically assumed it was CDN tender, and were suprised when the got their receipt or statement.

Their support is slow but there all the same (they have always replied to me), which other than Gossamer, would have to be a first for me with the companies I have delt with (including major banks!).

I am glad you are writing support for Paypal in you scripts.... A.J. , I am very interested in what you are developing or have developed here which does accept Paypal.

On the otherhand, I agree with Pugdog... they are pricey. Where is the on-line payment solution for the small guy with low traffic throughput? you know the start-up site? The security certificate is not that expensive any more from what I cann tell... so I am left wondering why accepting payments on line is still so rediculously priced?

In any case if either of you are developing scripts, from a users point of you (and this is just my opinion, it is nice to have software which gives me the OPTION of using one or several other payment companies, including my own if I had one. And since Paypal is so commonly used, I think it is also nice to have that built in as a choice.

Just some thoughts.

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