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Re: [pugdog] paypal integration -- dropped
I have to disagree (from my own experience).

I have seen many improvements in their service including the option to allow non-US customers to make purchases without signing up first which is a great help.

Merchant accounts are a less attractive alternative as although the rate is a little lower there is normally a monthly fee which far outweights the paypal costs, although it is the ease of use too....filling in a web form and then having paypal do all the work is much more appealing for smaller businesses who have enough to deal with without all the transactions too. I've been using paypal for around 8 months and in that time I've only had to email them once and that was about something minor....apart from that the service has run flawlessly and I've received wire transfers to my bank in England within a couple of days and for $1.50

I'll also be releasing my Links SQL shopping cart plugin which uses paypals IPN system within the next couple of weeks.

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Paul: Apr 10, 2002, 2:26 AM

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