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Indexing Solution!
Actually I am not sure this is a solution, but it has my database indexing issues fixed in the short term, till I hear back from the GT staff about this.


I discovered that my search yielded no results whatsoever using the MySQL DB Index method. (I still do not know why). So went to covert my db to the INTERNAL DB Index method. This I could not due, as I have over 40,000 links and 8000+ categories, and LSQL returns an error message if I try to change Indexing methods. Not having shell/telnet access with my host, I turned to cgitelnet. This program allows you to execute shell commands without telnet. No avail. This seemed to produce a page full of html and did not actually index anything, nor change the indexing method.

Temporary Fix:

I am posting this here, just in case anyone else has a problem like this, and this may help.
  • First I backup up my database in the Admin->Database->Import/Export.
  • Then I went into MySQLMan and clicked on "empty" for all the really big tables.
  • Now, small enough tables, LSQL would allow me to change the Index format. So I did through Admin->Database-Editor and changed each table to INTERNAL.
  • I then imported my backup from step one.
  • Rebuild Table and Rebuild Search (still having probs with this at the moment - see below).

Now at least I am getting something in the results returned from a user search!Wink

As for the rebuild search, this keeps stopping at around 5000 links.... so something is still not working....

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