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Re: [Paul] Intra Site Search Engine

Or probably caught in the bad habbit of offering "Resistance To Change" ... a big psychological problem. I wouldn't have posted an addon line this one. i don't know but the list of search engines that I tried ummm

Ksearch, perlfect, sitesearch, HomePageSearchEngine, FDSE, Alkaline, fluffysearch, thunderstone (limit of 10000 document on free version) ..... endless list. All too well for few thousands documents. But i have a site of 50,000 odd documents and ultimately have settled with FDSE and Alkaline. htdig ouch its a big PITA. The Fuzzy logic search is so confusing.
On perldoc.com i search for document and look what Fuzzy Logic says

document or documented or documenting or documenter or documents or documenters

Now I dont all these.....
And there can be no better experience than using Rigorously the "Space Between The Two Eyes" (I think i mentioned this somewhere) rather than Using The Eyes. One of the most popular use of eyes is Wink



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