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Re: [yogi] gforum.cgi hangs

My virtual hosting company closed my account since I upgraded to 1.1.3. They told me that gforum.cgi was consuming to much server resources. My forum was not yet opened to public, so I was the only one who navigated on it... They gave me the times when the overload happened, and I presume seriously that it was when I clicked on "View Threaded" (post_view_threaded.html) (I was trying to solve the bug with "Watch Thread".)

Since this, my webhosting company doesn't want anymore Gforum on their servers! So I have to find another webhosting company... I'm afraid that with this bug (if it's a bug), Gossamer Forum could get rapidly a bad reputation for its consuming server resources.

Thank you.


Sorry for my bad english...

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