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Re: Feature request
one more time. webhostingtalk.com commonly reffered to as wht.com is run on vB

- functionality lacking or apparently lacking in gforum compared to vB is basically: stickies/calendar/polls

- the other functions like latest members/who posted what and what not are still hidden and not really implemented in this current set of gforum templates can be found going to the admin/tools/source(or stats) .... you'll notice almost all of the same goodies that vB has

- templates - you can always redo them for what ever design you want them to be. (phpBB 1.x.x generation was horrible to fiddle with.) Although I gotta admit gforum templates aren't something you can just slap around a bit and create a completely new look within a day. But they are amazing to look at!

- template design .... phpBB2 is designed for free by a British guy, vB I don't know, gforum's are very gossamer-threads.com based. They do fit very nicely in GT's site. Agreed, that they could be a bit flashier, more Dragon Ball like and folks have choosen vB over gforum due to this. (I can actually name 3-4 folks off-hand) BUT, gforum is still new to the market and unlike GMail or even LinksSQL. Look at LinksSQL it now has 6 template sets (hehe web page still says "5" Shocked), I'm sure over the next year more template sets will come out for gforum. hmmm, I wonder though ... what would happen if GT were to make a flashy web site?

Everbody here in this thread have posted many good arguments. I wonder though, if actually looking deeper you just might notice some fundametal differences between these 3 major forum scripts. Who are the designers, the programmers and then evetually the end user?

ahhh just some comments ... Angelic

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile

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