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Re: [Andrew Mitcham] Expirator, Expiration Mod, etc,
Hi Andrew,

I have to correct your post a bit.
it appears that Webmaster33 is very near completion of a plugin for this
This is not really correct. I finished the Expirator mod itself for Links 2.0, but the Expirator plugin development for Links SQL 2.1 is not started, yet. The Link Expirator mod developed by me for Links v2.0, currently still works fine on my site.

Currently, I'm preparing to upgrade my site from Links 2.0 to Links SQL v2.1. I did many modifications for Links 2.0 to have special features on my working site. To do the upgrade, I need to develop those plugins for my site to have the same features as I had in Links 2.0.
This means, I also need Link Expirator plugin and I will develop it for myself. Of course once it is finished, anybody will be able to buy this plugin to have the same functionality as my site.
My site should be upgraded within 1-2 months, so the Link Expirator plugin will be finished & released sometime within this interval. So should be available within 1-2 month.
It is very likely, that even if Pugdog develops his own Expirator, I will still develop my own one, because I have special needs for my site.

You will see which one will fit better your needs:
Link Expirator [by Webmaster33] or Link Expirator [by Pugdog],
then you can choose which one you want to buy.

Remember, this is not about to compete with Pugdog. I need to develop the plugin anyway for myself.

Best regards,

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