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Im trying to use grouping in the mylinks plugin and either I'm doing it wrong or there is a bug. Basically I kept getting errors so I tried printing $GT::SQL::error and the group clause had no table prefix causing the error. eg....

Failed to execute query: '
FROM lsql_CatLinks, lsql_Links
WHERE lsql_CatLinks.LinkID = lsql_Links.ID AND (lsql_Links.ID == '1'))
GROUP BY CatLinks.CategoryID
' Reason: Unknown table 'CatLinks' in group statement at e:/apache/cgi-bin/admin/Plugins/MyLinks_DB.pm line 67.

...as you can see the GROUP BY clause doesn't have the table prefix lsql_

Looking at it, I assume it is because the select_options method requires you to manually enter the clause rather than it being auto-generated....so how can I make it use the correct prefix?

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Paul: Mar 17, 2002, 5:01 AM

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