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Re: [rajani] Arrange the posts by a field value
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Hi Rajani,

The search returns the "most relevant" results first, and does not return by date if it can use the search index. It's not a random order.


When I have only one search term the relevance is the same.

Hence the date is therefore more important or atleast should be offered as an option like "sort it by ASC or etc".

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Also, you are reading way to much into other peoples posts.

HA! I hardly visit your forums. I did not need to do so as I am not using your products so extensively that I need to modify and inform myself from here. So there are also not many searches that I do or I need to do! Nor am I a student or have so much of free time to dedicate myself to perl craze like many people around here .

However, people do not need to report bugs or suggestions if the reactions are sarcastic or cold. There are no obligations bring suggestions to your forums. What do I get by suggesting that the searches could be arranged by date? I saw it once and thought of suggesting, a bad idea was it.

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rajani: Mar 14, 2002, 7:45 AM

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