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Anyone for designer clothes?
lol just kidding. Well I can get a 20% discount if you actually want some :)

My best friends dad owns his own business selling designer clothes. Ahh its who ya know not what ya know Angelic


I offered to redesign their site but I think Barrie forgot I offered :) (btw his name is Barrie Norton....see the clever trick he did with the business name? lol.....ingenius!!! )

Ahh I play golf with him sometimes (and Blake his son, my friend).....he's a funny guy.

Hmm he was actually just round at my house a few hours ago scrounging a burned cd off me. He has his own cd writer too the lazy blech! ....well I got 10 for it anyway so it's not so bad - does that make me a criminal?

I'm bored can you tell?

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RedRum: Mar 7, 2002, 12:16 PM

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