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Re: [yogi] Poll Plugin
I have improved the plugin with a couple of things:

a) IP and/or cookie based verification for voting for guests (admin configurable).
b) user_id based verification for users who are logged in (admin configurable)
b) you can set permissions for writing polls/voting on per forum and per usergroup basis (e.g guest can vote in forum A, but not in forum B; registered users can write a poll in forum C, but only moderators in forum D; etc).

The testing forum now allows you to write polls as a registered user. Get your password (no email validation required) and try making your own poll. Guest votes are verified by a cookie that expires after 24 hours.

---> http://www.iyengar-yoga.com/pollforum/gforum.cgi

Comments are appreciated. Tell me if you run into problems or inconsistencies or anything weird.

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