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Gossamer Forum 1.1.2

We've upgraded our forum to Gossamer Forum 1.1.2. A brief list of the user-side differences:

New user-side features for 1.1.2:
  • Searchable member directory - You can now display a list of users sorting by various fields. The member directory is also searchable. Click "Who's Online" then "View Member Directory"
  • Custom guest posting usernames - When a guest posts, they now have an option to enter their own custom username. The guest username (such as "Anonymous" or "Guest") will still show up as the latest poster, however when viewing the post, you will see the username the guest entered.
  • Watched threads - Gossamer Forum now has the ability to allow users to "watch" threads. When a watched thread is posted to, the thread's watchers are notified by e-mail. Click "Watch Thread" when viewing a thread, or click the new icon on the profile page to view threads you are currently watching.

We'll release 1.1.2 sometime soon, following an announcement in the Announcement forum. That post will cover the changes in more detail.

Note that the German template sets for 1.1.2 are not yet finished - users currently using these template sets will want to switch back to the "default" or "default_top" templates until the updates are finished.

Jason Rhinelander
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