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Poll Plugin
I am working on a Poll Plugin for the forum and would like to hear some feedback from you.


  • Poll with variable number of answers.

  • Flexible rules for posting polls (e.g. Admin, Moderators, registered users, anybody, selected usergroups)

  • Flexible rules for voting (e.g. registered users, selected user groups, anybody).

  • Track votes according to IP (so you can only vote once).

  • Possibility to put the poll on any other page (through SSI)

  • etc.

You can find a (preliminary) implementation at: http://www.iyengar-yoga.com/.../gforum.cgi?forum=1;. The design is very simple at this moment, and obviously need some improvements.

Feel free to vote (remember, once only, so think before you vote!), and post your comments (here or there), Guest replying is turned on. You cannot post polls at the moment (only the Admin can).

Also, if you have a good idea about a poll, tell me and I will put it on!

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