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Plugin development problems & questions
1) I would like to create a plugin, which will include (insert) a left side menu into the category, home, new, etc. templates (<%menu_left%>).

Where to hook this menu, to be able to use its tag in all category, home, new, etc. templates?

2) Other.
I'm a bit confused about how plugins works, because strange things happens sometimes.
I know how the plugins logically works... There is described on page /GT/Plugins.html in 4 points.
But sometimes I don't find logical answers why a part of a plugin is not working...
I think there are not enough plugin examples & enough detailed plugin how-to-s & descriptions.
There should be more & more detailed Module descriptions, Plugin How-To-s, Plugin Hook descriptions, and Developers Guide...

Let me show you, how the example plugin (which is not working currently) looks.

The plugin.cfg file has the hook:
'LinkPlugin' => {
'hooks' => [

The LinkPlugin.pm file has the sub site_html_category, and has a code:
sub site_html_category {
my ($args) = shift;
print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n";
print "cccccccccc test text";
$args->{'menu_left'} = "aaaaaaaaa";
return $args;

But nothing is displayed.
What is wrong?
Is there any other place, where installing a plugin modifies something? If not, then why is not working this example plugin?

Any idea?

Best regards,

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