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New Username Hyperlink Plugin
I've made a new plugin that will hyperlink usernames in posts when inserted in a certain way.

eg Just typing the username will post it as plain text, but [ RedRum ] would hyperlink it to my profile.

I added in the spaces so it didn't get confused with ordinary tags like [code] etc.

It will not hyperlink unknown usernames so you could do:

[ RedRum ] bla bla [ OSDASD ] bla [ Jagerman ]

....and only RedRum and Jagerman would hyperlink.

Attached is the plugin, I'll see if I can get Alex to add it to their server (again Smile)

Demo site:

This was requested by perlguru.com but Jasmine won't mind me sharing it (I hope) as it is a free plugin.

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RedRum: Feb 16, 2002, 3:16 AM

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