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User log-in freak outs
I've now had a 2nd report of the following error - preventing the user from logging in:

And I would note here that old error in the advanced editor where information cannot be added after a code insert is still with us.

I'm editing this post and placing my previous comments above the quote line...."I'm worried that there are other instances of this error occuring but users are not reporting it. Deleting the user and asking them to resubscribe is too drastic, and is not really a solution".
GT::Session::SQL (392): Failed to execute query: 'INSERT INTO gforum_Session
(session_user_id,session_date,session_id,session_data) VALUES (?,?,?,?)' Reason:
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]String data, right truncation (SQL-22001)(DBD:
st_execute/SQLExecute err=-1) at d:/ line 505.

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heavybombers: Feb 12, 2002, 3:32 PM

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