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Re: [V Silly] Shared server host for gforum?
I tried to send you a pm but you have them switched off.

I can offer you space on my server which is likely to be quicker than most servers you get with other hosting companies as it is pretty new and doesn't have 200+ sites squeezed on it.

I can give you 5GB bandwidth, 400MB, all the usual stuff like perl/php, mysql for $30/month and extra bandwidth is $4 per GB.

Vicki, some things you'll want to ask when you get a new host:

Custom cgi-bin w/ Perl


The amount of space and bandwidth you'll need

Shell and FTP access

I can't really think of anything else right now :)

For extra Gossamer Forum features you'll want:

Ability to add to crontab (for subscription emails)

ReWrite rules (for search_engine templates)

Yes to all.

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