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Re: [needsupport] SQL problems

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2. For the pictures:
I can see how it works and I am close

Make sure that field name is correct.

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2. The info on the detail pages are good. But what I want is each of the detail pages to have their own design. So adding the code

- Add a field called 'detail_page' in Users table ( Admin - Users - Customize Sample_Users table ) which is stored the detail file name of each user.

- Modify the search_results subroutine in Home.pm like:
my $page = $self->{user}->{detail_page} || 'search_results.html';
return ($page,
header => $self->_language('HEA_SRC_RESULT'),
results => \@output,
speedbar=> $speedbar,
msg => $self->_language('SRC_RESULT',$hits)});

I suggest that you should use Plugin feature to create your own script, that's much better for upgrading the next version.



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