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Re: [needsupport] SQL problems

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1. With the pictures I have created the file field in the column. I have also added
You can customise your search results page like:
<%loop results%>
Field name 1: <%field_name1%><BR>
Field name 2: <%field_name2%>....
Image: <img src="db.cgi?cn=picture_field_name&do=view_file&db=<%db%>&id=<%primary_key_field%>">
field_name1,field_name2 ...they are the name of fields.

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2. I need more explanation on the check boxes. I have created these in the columns. I am confused what to add to the templates.

Just add input objects into add_form:
<input name="Interest" type=checkbox value="Alpine">Alpine <input name="Interest" type=checkbox value="Beachfront">Beach front
3. Final Question:
In the search results I want the user to go to 4 different pages for each listing

Do you mean that they are detail pages? If so, just modify search_results.html like:

<%loop results%>
<%ifnot de%>
<%include detail1.html%>
<%if de eq '2'%>
<%include detail2.html%>
<%if de eq '3'%>
<%include detail3.html%>
<%include detail4.html%>
- Detail files contain the scripts below:
Field 1: <%field_name1%>
Field 2: <%field_name2%>
<a href="db.cgi?do=search_results&db=<%db%>&primary_key_field=<%primary_key_field%>&de=2">Detail 2</a>



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