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Re: [needsupport] SQL problems

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1. I have a lot of pictures. .....
That's possible, but you have to customise your script.

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2. If the agent wants to upload their own pictures what do I put in the add-form html page?
You do not do anything, it will be automatically created if table has file fields.

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3. I am going to have a lot of check boxes in both search page and add-form page. I have created the columns but need the code for the templates.
Just create a field by choosing form type = checkbox in form and you have to set the values in 'Form Names' and 'Form Values' also. The script will generate the add_form, search_form as what you want.

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You can add a link like: <%if Email%>Email:<a href="<%Email%>"><%Email%></a><%endif%> in your search results page. Email is the name of a field.



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