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Re: [AndyNewby] *.cgi scripts can't find links.cfg
well, it works on my server. Wink just like you had mentioned in another post: my server maps the correct path to perl over the default path. *shrug* weird, indeed.

but, as directed in the ReadMe instructions, i CHMODed the files with no problems. as i've mentioned before, Links 2.0 ran beautifully for me not 2 weeks ago... and then my administrator went into my codes to correct a minor problem. hrm. Mad

in any case, i've tried installing a separate script (FormMail) onto my server, and there's no luck there, either. i'm beginning to think this all might lie with my server. if it is, i am far from impressed. in any case, i've written an email.

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kelsiegh: Jan 26, 2002, 9:31 AM

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