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vBulletin Plugin
I'm sure that this is something that will be thought about *after* 2.10 is released, but I thought I'd post it now just to get it out there.

The vBulletin plug-in for Links SQL seems to have gone awry at some point; I'm not sure entirely when - it might have been when I upgraded to the latest version of vBulletin.

When logged out (of vbulletin), dynamic mode does not load at all - a 500 error happens. In addition (separate issue), logging in or out w/ links doesn't seem to have any effect on the cookie.

Overall, if this plug-in is being updated anyway - I'd love to see the functionality work a little more like the GMail plug-in; but that's me.

I'm using Links SQL v2.0.5 and vBulletin v2.21. Alex & Company - if you need access to a vB board on a system with Links, i'd be happy to provide.


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