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Re: [aprillougheed] Newbie - Importing Links
What is happening, is something I mentioned above. If you use a "list" or pregenerated database, it's faster to do an import. And that is what you are doing. You have a spider running around, and work to create a database of links. (I used to do something like that to generate payroll years ago from a list of download counts where I had to do a screen capture, then use macros to yank the counts, format them, insert them into a spread sheet, etc, etc.)

When I go surfing, I usually visit the site, so I cut/paste the URL from the status bar, enter the other information, and move on to the next site.

I have never found a spider that worked the way I wanted/needed it to. I guess I'm just a control freak <G>

Oh, and yes, I just use notepade (view->source) to gab any meta tags or keywords, but as I said, usually those are pretty worthless (only about 1 in 5 sites has usable meta tags). Their tags are blind, shot gun, and often irrelevant attempts to get a search engine listing. I need "better" than that :)

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