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Re: [brewt] Gossamer Forum 1.1.1 Released!
Hi Adrian,

The current UBB5 is running. GForum is also running containing data imported by GT staff during testing. What I did was as follow :-
  • Download GForum 1.1.1
  • Upgrade GForum
  • Run import.pl and encounter the above error.

I have sent informations via support form and you may wish to take a look to see what has gone wrong ?

For the purpose of testing, I have also completed another fresh installation of GForum 1.1.1 and run import.pl and also encounter the same error.

MY current UBB5 running at


Is it correct to use the following as source when running import.pl

import.pl --type=UBB5 --source=/path/ubbcgi --clear--database

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bgkhoo: Jan 13, 2002, 7:25 PM

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