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Re: Gossamer HelpDesk
Some of you are combining the two separate posts and assuming that we are accusing. We just wanted clarification on what "padders" meant by his post. We apologize for any confusion.

However, we are currently in communication with Chris from deskpro.com about improper use of the WonderDesk trademark, and misleading and false information about our product on his web site. (Some progress has been made already.)

We are also investigating the person responsible for sabotaging our online demos over the last few months. Chris's current IP and the saboteur's IP come from the same exact place in England. Again, we are not accusing him, and hope it does not turn out to be him. Cooperation with the upstream ISP's will soon reveal the answer.

We won't be posting any more concerning this subject. The conversation has strayed far off the original topic, and this really isn't the proper place to carry on this conversation. Sorry about that.

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Katana Man: Jan 13, 2002, 12:05 PM

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