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Re: [Franco] Advanced Editor
The first error (error.jpg) was some debugging that I accidentally left in. It's been removed.

As for changing the font twice, I'll look into this one and see if I can reproduce it... We haven't yet made the advanced editor work with the private messaging; having it work for posts is of much more consequence than the private messages. I will, however, try and put it in today before we release.

As for error2.jpg - Frown. We saw that before (while developing), and I thought we had fixed it. It would seem otherwise. As far as I can figure out, it's a bug in IE with not correctly running JavaScript, but a workaround is not proving to be so easy.

For a more technical explanation: the editor actually consists of two <iframe>'s. The outer one contains the green buttons across the top and the inner one, which is the white area where you type. After loading the inner <iframe>, the Javascript is supposed to reposition the toolbars and <iframe> so that they fit perfectly in the window. This resizing also happens whenever you resize the browser - try it, you'll notice that if you make it small enough the toolbar will shrink down to two or three lines. Unfortunately, about 1 time in 50, the initialization doesn't happen correctly, and you get a garbled image. It also proves very difficult to debug because, as I said, it only happens about 1 time in 50.

I'll definately try to get rid of the problem before we release 1.1.1.

Jason Rhinelander
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