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Re: [jagerman] Gossamer Forum 1.1.1 now testing... Release tomorrow
New editor....very fast. Zero noticeable load time on my system. Let's try some things and since I'm lazy I'll grab some random junk from the ol' web site:

Inline image (a random WWII poster)

Now we'll try to paste part of a html table:

Demob points Points needed to go home DF Direction finder; also RDR Radio Direction Finder DFC Distinguished Flying Cross DIT Ditched Dr. Ditto Broadcaster on Tokyo radio DSC Distinguished Service Cross DSM Distinguished Sercice Medal DUC Distinguished Unit Citation

[Edit]...hmm, you can paste it in and it remains intact, but won't post that way. Didn't expect it to, just wanted to see what would happen.

  • KU Report - National Archives and Record Administration (NARA). If the loss of the aircraft occurred over German territory, a German Kampf Flugzeuge USA [Battle Planes USA] document was prepared by the Luftwaffe concerning the location of the aircraft wreckage and fate of the crew. National Archives has the original reports as well as translations available. I know of no Japanese equivalent -
  • Unit Histories, War Diaries, Daily Reports, Station Memorandum, Special Orders, Public Relations Reports, Loading Lists, etc. - these unit documents are are archived by the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) at Maxwell AFB, Alabama.

Indent & text color, bold, italics, underline:
Bomb Group Associations - these associations were formed after the war, many in the 1970s. Formed by the veterans themselves they are tremendous resources for information. The associations have published books, documented their histories on videotape, compiled rosters, lists of aircraft, and many other details valuable to the researcher.

Many associations hold yearly reunions. If you are a veteran of a Bomb Group or a descendant, these groups want to hear from you and would welcome your membership! One of the primary goals of HeavyBombers.com is to list the points of contacts for each Group.

You can find Groups or individual squadrons by searching for them. Search boxes are located on the top of each HeavyBombers.com web page, or - [Find your unit here].


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