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Re: [Bmxer] Problem with review mod.
you should be able to combine the string to array to hash stuff all into one line...
sub opinions {
my ($id, $i, $x, $link) = (shift, 0, 2, '');
open (D, "<$db_opinions_name") or &cgierr("unable to open database:$db_opinions_name.\nReason: $!");
while (reverse<D>) {
($i < $x && /^$id\|/) and $i++ or next;
$link .= site_html_opinions_link (array_to_op_hash(0, split_op_decode(chomp())));
close (D);
return $link;
don't know if that'll compile, but I've done that sort of thing before...

hm... that regexp is assuming that pid is the first field... otherwise you can change it...

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