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Re: [brewt] Rate...
Yeah, I've been trying to reproduce that error again, but havnt had muchluck. If I do get it again I'll let you know, and how I produced it Tongue

Also, has the add function in PHP been tested much with extra fields? I'mgetting some weird problems with it which I cant seem to work out. If someonesubmits a listing with all the default fields, it works fine and you get thesubmission success page. However, if there are extra fields it just takes youback to the add page. The even weirder thing is that $error does not actuallyhold an error, even though it must hold something as the following code is in mypage;

<?if ($error) { ?>there was an error. It was <?print$error?><? } ?>

The message "There was an error. It was" shows up fine, but there just doesntseem to be an error message printed!

Any more ideas? Unsure Oh, and good job so far. I dont know where I would bewithout page.php now....considering most of my site runs on PHPTongue

Andy (mod)
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