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More documentation
Ok, I know there hasnt been a complete stabe release yet, so I dont knowif there will be any more documentation just yet. The thing I am having troubleto get the hang of is;

1) What is the difference with globals.php and globals.txt (both are presentin the default_php templates folder)

2) What is the equivilant for <%if%>'s etc? Is it <?if $thing?><?endif?> ??? I'ma bit confused with the new tag system. I've justabout got the hang of the basic tag stuff (like <?print $name?>), butthe ifs, ifnots etc are past me at the moment Tongue

Thanks for any help anyone can give.I've tried to work out as much as I can by myself and lookig at the othertemplates, but I just wanted to check on the exact formats and stuffWink

Andy (mod)
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