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Hide category & moderator questions
Can you tell I'm a new Gossamer Forums user? Smile
  • Is it possible to hide a category from guests and have it revealed for registered users?
  • Moderators. The use, application, etc., of moderators has me flummoxed and I was unable to locate an explanation of their use. I set my own user status to "administrator". Is this what is required to set others to "moderator?" Then can enter their user names in individual forums as moderator?
  • And another, would it be possible to set the guest view of the board? For example, could you set it so that one Category was expanded while all the others were collapsed?

Feature request. It would be nice to be able to assign moderator per category, or is this already possible? I think currently I would have to assign moderators per forum, which could be fun if a single category has...oh 20 forums in it.

- Ringing in the New Year getting intimate with Gossamer Threads (now that's a hell of a party date!).

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heavybombers: Dec 30, 2001, 7:00 AM

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