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Re: [ellipsiiis] Importing help
If I remember correctly, DCForum is a flatfile forum (without threaded posts), so it's probably best you look at the UBB import for a comparison.

Actually, I looked again, and it seems it does have threading. So you'll have to make sure the post_root_id, post_father_id, as well as post_depth are correct. To update post depth after importing all the posts, you can do what's done in WWWThreads.pm line ~1021.

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I have everything working except posts--- they seem to import fine, and they display fine in flat mod, but in threaded mode even though the forum listing tells you there are replies the replies don?t display. What step am I missing?
That sounds like you might not have set post_depth correctly for each of the posts. Make sure it's being set on each post before you do the insert. See line ~732 in UBB.pm.


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