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Re: [RedRum] Suggestion: Kill File
Wildcarding is very dangerous.

Example of Bad Word Filter:


Example of newbie/expert filter:

New Software
new copies

I assume that you are thinking of filtering based on new* or ass*. Not a good idea!

And about the userid/perm type of filtering, I think that the ryel01 brought up a good point...Just because someone has joined a forum doesn't mean that they are a "newbie" to programming or scripting.

Thus, I think that my arguments are NOT irrelevant, Paul.

Also, like heated discussions about this issue have arisen in the past, I think it would be counterproductive to separate users in public forums. Each set of users has a right to post questions and comments (like you have stated time and time again)...excluding someone based on lack of knowledge is not a very good idea.

In addition, just because someone has a "veteran" or "expert" status means nothing, since that person may not really be an expert, but only posts a lot of posts in the forum.

Buh Bye!


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Heckler: Dec 22, 2001, 10:21 AM

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