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Command for delete parts of data?
Hi somehow I managed to add time for my data...
I have date created on my database with data like:
11/11/1987 0:00:
2/2/1998 0:00:0
As you can see this is just varchar column with size 15.

I Also have some data, that does not have date info at all.

What I want is to display just date, and no time (No time info available) and the data, that does not have date available, I want it be blank not 00-00-0000.(ie no data on column)

I tried setting column size to 10, but some info that has 1 digit months and 1 digit dates still displays 0 at the end of the date like:
1/1/1995 0
Is there a command that I could set, that would remove 0:00 at the end?

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