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Re: [PaulW] forum_view.html
Hmmm, I did get locked into my modification a bit too strong while I was writing that. Let me step back a bit.

I'm tinkering around and seeing how well Gforum will fit into my site's overall template. To that end I'm forcing the forum to a fixed width, adding a dark page background color, coloring the main body table to match the rest of my site, and trimming out the extra <BR> tags, see attachment (it's not the prettiest design but it's what I'm working with).

The only template where I ran into a conflict was forum_view.html. The <form> tag on this template was outside the main table body unlike the rest that I have run across.

In my template the <form> tag outside the main table body created a background colored gap between the top menu and the main table and a reciprocal gap between the close of the main table and the second table containing the jump-to form.

No biggie and probably not an issue to anyone else.

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heavybombers: Nov 19, 2001, 2:40 PM

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