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Editor: Error sending email when validating?

I've just got around to looking at the editor features of 1.13 and have come across a problem when validating links through an editors' login.

I get the following error after validating a record:

Unable to send addition email - Reason: No "To:" Address

The record has a 'Contact Email' address and validates OK, the form contents are exactly the same as the "Admin" validation form, the field name is the same - but it still complains that there is no 'To:' address.

When I validate records using the "Admin" control panel I don't get any errors.

Anyone come across this before and know how to solve it?


admin.cgi - sub validate_records
&html_validate_email ($in, $db, { Category => $name, %{$links{$id}} });

maintain.cgi - sub validate_records
&Links::Admin_HTML::html_validate_email ($in, $db, { Category => $name, %{$links{$id}} });

Admin_HTML.pm - sub html_validate_email
$to = $link->{'Contact_Email'};

Any help appreciated - thanks!

All the best

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