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!!@@Problem browsing folders@@!!
Hey guys, I have finally got my Fileman working on hypermart,

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but there are a few things I am not happy with. Firstly I wish to remove all the chdir remdir, edit, etc etc commands, and only have uploading and downloading possible, i.e. no deleting. How do i do this?

But the main problem is that when you click on a folder within fileman, it doesnt open the folder within file manager (if that makes sense). It instead browses it within the browser. This means you cannot upload stuff into the folder. To uderstand please visit my site and check it out.

I have included my configuration below

%config = (
[ removed by admin ]
use_flock => 1,
allowed_space => 50000,
max_upload => 1000,
show_size => 1,
show_date => 1,
show_perm => 0,
show_icon => 1,
show_pass => 0,
version => '1.0'

Yeah Please help. Oh and is there a more recent version of fileman then 1, not 2, because i saw on a post sumwhere something about 1.16??



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