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Re: [Wil] anybody use CPanel / WebHostManager?
This is really horrible piece of server software. CPanel controls the user side of the server and WHM (web host manager) help you set up new accounts. I unfortunately have this on my dedicated server as it came as default with the set up. You cant remove the dam thing unless you wipe the hard disk and start from scratch installing the OS and apache etc.

Despite this being a terrible clobbered together collection of server controlling scripts, it remains very popular amongst hosting companies but you can't purchase the software if you want it, but have to rent the program on a monthly basis that cost hundreds.

The only server controlling software I recommend is Webmin ( http://www.webmin.com ) this great program complements the server setup not take control of it like CPanel/WHM.

Oh and if your wanting manuals that are useful, forget that too. I have never read such unhelpful bollix as that from the CPanel in my life.


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