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Re: [mdj1] .shtml and links SQL
I have switched to .shtml pages and things seem to be working ok.
The only prob I run into is...
The includes I am using are in the root.
If I am 3 dirs deep, how would I call that include?
It could be changed on every index.shtml page in each dir manually.. but ummm that wouold take yonks...
The includes are in the 'include_header.shtml.
which is called by every page. I just can't figure the path out.
If I put http://www.path/to/include it doesn't work.
Do I need to use the path as in /home/user/domain/
(cos that doesn't work either)

I am confused...

Thanks Cool


ok.. I figured most of it.
All includes are working correctly now.
except the index page of the subcategory.
Main category is photography.
Within that dir you have Film and equipment directories.
its this last layer of directories that are giving me the problems. The index.shtml within the film or equipment dir is giving me the [an error occurred while processing this directive]
What is this page called?

Thanks again

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CptPugwash: Oct 24, 2001, 11:09 PM

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